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Our social service

Purpose of the operation of the Social Service of T.A.P.E.P.A. is the promotion of Mental Health, the psychotherapeutic treatment of mental illness and awareness-raising on issues related to the mental functioning of the individual.

The Social Service is divided into two departments.

Adult Department where provided:

  • Diagnostic assessment.
  • Individual and group psychotherapies of a psychoanalytic prism.
  • Couple-family therapy.

Department of Family Therapy, where provided :

  • Diagnostic assessment.
  • Psychotherapeutic intervention of a psychoanalytic prism.
  • Parental counseling.


For information and to make an appointment 
please contact the Head of T.A.P.E.P.A. Mrs. Athanasia Kadda at the Fund's telephone numbers (tel. center 210-4173050).