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Children camps 2024

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Dear Colleagues,
the Board of Directors of our Fund unanimously decided for this year, the coverage of 70% at state tariff prices,
the expense of sending - staying at children's camps in 2024, for the children of colleagues, from 6 to 14 years of age
(born from 2010 to 2018)
It is noted that, for the second child of the family, the
A fund will cover 85% of the cost, while for the third child, the orphans
as well as for the children of colleagues with many children, the Fund will
cover entirely the expense, always of course at state prices
We inform you that, according to the above decision of
Board of Directors, you have the ability to choose freely, but
at your sole responsibility, the camp of your choice,
notifying the Fund in time.
After the end of each camp period,
you can present the necessary supporting documents to our Fund
expenses and stay of your children at the camp and to
collect the corresponding amount.-

With friendly greetings

For the administrative board

The president                                      The Gen. Secretary